Hard Rock n Sports show now on live stream via our facebook page

 Well if you wondered what Jeff and Tommy looked like or what they do while doing the Hard Rock n Sports show every Thursday, well now you can see for yourself. Every Thursday night along with the radio show, the boys can be seen live through the shows facebook page via live stream. You can now see all the inner workings of the show and see more guests "live" on video. We certainly hope you enjoy our new platform

Hard Rock n Sports on

After many months of negotiations (actually we just signed up) The Hard Rock n Sports show can now be found on in podcast form. A few hors after each show completes, it will uploaded onto the Spotify site where you can find it and download it for free. This is a major step for the show and we look forward to more big news in the future.

The Hard Rock n Sports Show now has a a Youtube Channel.

Well the show has a new way to find old shows or special video clips and promos. please check out The Hard Rock n Sports show's youtube channel for old interviews and entire episodes as well as some new promotional videos we have been working on. Please stop by our channel and hit the subscribe button while your there.

Hard Rock n Sports Band in action