The Hard Rock n Sports Staff

Host - Tommy Florio

Three Years ago, at the urging of His Brother, Tommy Florio decided to try and start a new career as a "Radio Host". But the quandry he faced was what kind of show to go on the radio with. An avid sports and music fan, Tommy came up with the idea that he could combine his love of Sports and Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Music and "Hard Rock n Sports" was born.  Each week Tommy tries to bring the latest stories from the music and sports worlds and remind people that there is still great music being made and we need to support it.

Co-Host Jeff Tolwinski is a childhood friend of Tommy's and has been involved with the show since Episode # 4. Over the course of the show Jeff has gone from avid listener and caller to Correspondent (CD Reviews) to part time Contributor to now Full Time Co-host. Jeff is an integral part of the fabric of the show and tends to be the "button" that sets Tommy off into one of his rants. Many of the on air segments you hear each week are his brainchild. Jeff also serves as the Hard Rock and Sports Band's  Bass Player and also plays in Multiple Island Cover Bands, including "REDRUM".

Host - Jeff Tolwinski
Show Contributors
Nick Marino - Executive Producer 

Growing up and Dominating the fields of Brooklyn, Nick took his considerable talents and dominating physical presence to the Football Fields of the Staten Island Touch Tackle League in The Late 1980's to reek havoc on the local teams. this is where both a rivalry and a friendship was born. While Nicky and Tommy Florio started out as hated adversaries of the field of battle, they soon forged a strong friendship that continues to this Day. (Even if Tommy Claims to have carried Nick in his final years in the league)..with Nick being both an avid Sports fan and huge fan of Hard Rock and metal music, his role as executive producer of the show will help to provide balance to a show that some critics say is "A bit off". Nick also doubles as segment writer in " This week In Music history" as well as lending his voice to these segments in his alter ego, Nick "Big Sexy" Marino. Quite a team they are building here at Hard Rock n' Sports, and Now they have their  Head Coach!

Richard Florio Jr. - Graphics & Video Editing


Jim Gallicchio - Theme song composer

Marty the Moose - MASCOT